Diaries of a Space Cadet 2

by An Hobbes

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released September 9, 2013

Vocals by An Hobbes unless otherwise mentioned
Produced, mixed and mastered by What's His Face -__-?
Recorded at Tumbleweed Recording Studio



all rights reserved


An Hobbes Denver, Colorado

Tyler Kreigler works a day job as a super hero in the city of Cubicle Hell. Armed with a degree in Philosophy he spends his day doing absolutely nothing related to his field of study. However, by night (and some evenings) he becomes An Hobbes- emcee extraordinaire, cosmonaut, philosopher and all around nerdy everyman who makes love to your ears with his quick lipped rhymes. ... more


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Track Name: Galactic Sojourn of Epicness Part a.
So there we were, cruising through the dark. Hector defeated his rotting carcass left in the rear view. All I needed was that spark of love and the knowledge I'd have another chance to be near you. This is the irresponsible captains log stardate...well I don't know how this whole star date thing works but its been a couple years since I left Earth. I mean in Earth years but anyway...It's not often I look back...cause I have such a beautiful face to look at as she's standing by my side, out little girl chillin in the playroom as we sail space at hyper drive. On our way to rendez-vous with the mothership when we caught a blip on the radar indicating that another ship was on its way with plans of its own and I'm hoping that its all good and this situation doesn't explode. Then the alarms sirens screamed, shields up like it was a second nature as they opened fire with their phasers. I barked orders to the computer to initiate evasive maneuvers. Then another ship decloaked this shit is looking grimm. I told the wife and daughter to strap themselves into the escape pod but madame a just grabbed my hand and said I almost lost you once but won't again. We're in this together so here we make our stand. Then we start the dance, divert power to the deflector shields. Drop shields, fire torpedoes. Bring the shields back we just can't seem to crack their defense. Yo but don't count me out yet coach, still got a couple tricks up my sleeve as the enemy approaches. Send out the decoy drones, that should keep them busy while we try to bide some time but we're losing hope. For heavens sake I just defeated one the most dangerous villains in the galaxy. Now we're just looking for some family time and a little privacy only to come under fire from a group of space pirates. The situations getting drastic and I'm trying to remember my training from earth when I used to play advanced wars but they never said.nothing about a dog fight in space...note to self.maybe they should add that to the next one. I looked at my wife and said everything will be fine with new fears of death creeping in the back of.my mind. I hold my wife and daughter tight for what may be the last time. The shields are down to less than fifteen percent and I have a bad feeling of what will happen next...as we watch the shields drop second by second...Couldl this really be the end?
Track Name: The Away Team
We were just about to leave when we detected a distress beacon and we aren't the kind to turn our backs on those in need of saving, assemble the away team! Got the location on lock, I say engage and then we're on our way. In no time flat we get to the scene. I hit the com badge to ol'bug eye, tell him to beam down three. It's time we do some investigating and get to the bottom of this situation. We hit the planets surface and I puke, this whole teleportation thing is still not something I'm used to. Toss some dust on my boots to dry them off, need continue on, we got a job to do. Break out the portable scanners, searching for the distress beacon. It's over there just beyond the hills so we set off, phaser in hand just in case. We're almost there when wait!

When you're in trouble call the away team. We overcome danger when you're in need of saving. Find yourself in a situation you can't manage? send a distress signal and remember Don't Panic!

At the top of the hill we stood overlooking a scene of total chaos like a war game gone wrong with two teams of players re-enacting the same moments as each one slays their opponents only to watch them respawn in a matter of seconds. Blue verses red always coming back from the dead. It's like a zombie massacre in a snow globe. A future unraveled to offer no hope. Not trying to be slow pokes we bobbed and weaved to the location of the beacon. There we found a strange console with a flashing circle of red. I found a button labelled reset, here goes nothing I said then I pressed it and what happened next was rather impressive the two teams disappeared into thin air. It was the end of our fears but suddenly they reappeared.

When you're in trouble call the away team. We overcome danger when you're in need of saving. Find yourself in a situation you can't manage? send a distress signal and remember Don't Panic!

Each soldier looked like they'd snapped out of a daze like they mighta been stuck in that loop for days. I know it sounds crazy but they put down their phasers and started treating the opposing team like they were neighbors. Then a couple of guys dressed in blue broke out some tables and chairs from their ship and we barbeque. If you were viewin from afar like Marvin the martian, it'd look like the villagers settling down to celebrate harvest like sometimes you just need a change in the hardware in order to alter the programming like maybe if we step outta todays redundancies we might able to better appreciate our fellow man. Throw a hand in the air if you know what I'm saying go try something new and give your brain a vacation, be patient and always follow your dreams, yo I'm sayin, they're out there waitin!